Kalila is an Evil-aligned Human and the wife of Demon King Baramos.

Queen of Estark
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Gender Female
Species Human
Alignment Evil
Occupation/Status Demon Queen
Age 32
Birthdate November 12
Homeplace Estark
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue-green
Family Demon King Baramos (husband)

Currently pregnant

Friends Demon God Zoma,

Wizard Moore, Jikido, Great Maze, Hargon, Deathgator, Those of Evil alignment.

Enemies Abel,

Tiala, Mokomoko, Daisy, Janack, Kaka, ChiChi, Ramia, Those of Good alignment.

Love Interest(s) Demon King Baramos (husband)
Voiced By Unknown
Appears In Unknown

Appearance[edit | edit source]

A short, mousey girl with short spiky Brown hair and Blue-Green eyes, Kalila is unassuming in appearance. Her attire, aside of her bottom-rim glasses, choker, and earrings, consists of a loose blouse with billowing sleeves, gold trimming, and gems bedecking the low neckline. She also wears harem pants with similar trimming and bejeweled styles and genie fashioned shoes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kalila appears timid and meek, her Demon Queen status belying her. She is often fretting over the safety of Estark and of her husband and his cohorts. Though near inconceivable, there is tell that she harbors incredible magic prowess and has an affinity for objects of magical property. Her feelings towards humans are lukewarm, due to the contention between their nation and her own. It is also a known fact that she does so love her teas.

History[edit | edit source]

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